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What is the specific construction method of passive protection net?


The layout of the passive protection network should be […]

The layout of the passive protection network should be along the contour line, with the principle of truncating falling rocks. When placing the steel column base, the position of the steel column should be kept at the same level as possible, and the height difference between adjacent steel columns should be within 0.5 meters. The anchoring cement mortar (cement grout) should be poured back from the bottom of the anchor hole to ensure dense grouting.

The foundation construction should adopt the method of manual vertical excavation, which is suitable for construction in dry season and sunny day. The products of passive protection net are divided every 50 meters according to the length of the metal net. Installation of upper and lower support cables and decompression rings: decompression rings should not be installed between the steel columns, and the distance from the steel columns should be greater than 1.5 meters, preferably 2 meters.

When the gap between the concave ground and the lower support cable is greater than 30 cm, prism mesh (wire rope mesh) or ring mesh plus double-twisted hexagonal mesh or steel mesh should be used to fill it. When the difference is less than 30 cm, it can be filled with wire rope and twisted hexagonal grid or wire mesh.

The twisted hexagonal mesh or wire mesh should be mounted on the inner ring mesh (or wire rope) and should be covered with a ring mesh (or wire rope) and folded 15 cm and fixed to the twisted hexagonal mesh or wire mesh ring mesh ( or wire rope mesh) wire. Grid or wire grid joints should overlap by 5 cm or more.