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What are the structural characteristics of active slope protection net?


The dynamic potential energy problem of the SNS landsli […]

The dynamic potential energy problem of the SNS landslide protection net has been solved. Covering the required slope protection or rock with wire rope nets is mainly to limit the weathering, spalling or failure of the rock and soil on the slope, and rock avalanches. Or the movement of a falling stone within a certain range.

The first two are fixed with wire rope bolts and/or support ropes, and the latter two are fixed with steel bars or wire rope bolts, and if necessary, are fixed with special anchor pads and edge support ropes. It has the characteristics of high flexibility, high protection strength, and easy promotion. The installation process is standardized and systematic in order to adapt to any terrain.

SNS flexible protection net is mainly used for ocean, river, canal treatment, slope protection, debris flow, expansive soil treatment, water conservancy, retaining wall, slag retaining, slag retaining dam, mountain protection, reinforcement, anti-seepage, concrete and pipe joint prevention Infiltration, soft base treatment and other fields.

Features of SNS flexible protection net: steel flexible structure, green and green, shockproof and antifreeze, conservation of natural landscape diversity, in order to achieve hydroponics and planting efficiency. Slopes that have an important impact on the safety of people and property in the project and the reservoir area; slopes that affect the safety and normal use of the main buildings in the project and the reservoir area.