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What are the points that need to be paid attention to when installing the active protection net?


The distance between the installation support cables is […]

The distance between the installation support cables is generally 4.5 meters. The size of each wire rope net of the active protection net is 4 meters * 4 meters, and the distance between the wire rope and the support rope is required, and then the wire rope is sutured.

The longitudinal support cables and the transverse support cables are fixed by bolts. First, several kinds of longitudinal support cables different from lateral supports are introduced. The diameter of the longitudinal support rope is generally 12 mm, and the diameter of the lateral support rope is generally 16 mm, because the strength of the lateral support rope is greater. Longitudinal support cable The position where the lateral support cable is fixed by the anchor rod. The anchoring effect of the anchor rod is very good.
The installation of wire rope isolation grid, some slope protection projects need to install wire rope isolation grid, the isolation grid is generally installed between the wire rope net and the mountain, in order to better space the scope of small rock avalanches.

Cleaning the slope surface: manually clean the soil and pumice in the slope protection area; measure the bolt hole position by line measurement method, and drill holes with a certain depth not less than the length of the bolt bolt sleeve, with a general diameter of 20cm and a depth of 20cm; drilling holes : Strictly control the drilling speed to prevent the drilling from bending. After deformation, after the drilling fluid reaches the design depth, continue to drill for 1-2 minutes without interruption.