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What are the characteristics of active slope protection net?


Materials: Wire Rope Mesh, Ordinary Wire Grid (often ca […]

Materials: Wire Rope Mesh, Ordinary Wire Grid (often called Wire Grid) and TECCO High Strength Steel Grid Structure: The first two are fixed by wire rope with bolts and/or support the rope, the latter by steel reinforcement (prestress can be applied) and/or wire rope bolts (edge support rope), special anchor plate plates, if necessary. Fixed way, such as supporting the edge of the rope.

The action principle of the active slope protection net is similar to the surface protection system of shotcrete and soil nail wall, etc., but due to its flexible characteristics, the system can concentrate the load locally and transfer it to the surrounding area to evenly give full play to the protection ability of the whole system, that is to say , local loading and integral action, so that the system can withstand large loads and reduce the anchor force requirements of a single anchor.
The active protection system using hot-dip galvanized steel wire and steel wire as the main material has the advantages of high toughness, high protection strength, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and easy diffusion.

It is suitable for the protection of geological disasters such as slope collapse, weathering, landslides, landslides, landslides, and landslides. There are no special requirements for the morphological characteristics of the slope, and the original landform and vegetation conditions of the slope will not be damaged or changed, and the necessary conditions for artificial greening will be maintained.