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What are the applications of stainless steel rope mesh?


Stainless steel rope nets are mainly woven by hand, bec […]

Stainless steel rope nets are mainly woven by hand, because there is currently no machine for making stainless steel rope nets. Now let us introduce the gas production process through two pictures. There are two ways to fix the stainless steel rope net: one is to fix it with a buckle and splicing it. Another way is to stagger the wire ropes together.

The cost of hand weaving will be relatively high, because the weaving speed of this kind of mesh wire rope net is relatively slow, and the daily shipment of no one is not very large. When using the fastener splicing method, two adjacent stainless steel wire ropes need to be buckled, so that the buckle can be squeezed and fixed to achieve the purpose of fixing.
The other way of intertwining and fixing the wire ropes is more complicated, requiring the intertwining and fixing of the wire ropes, and the transportation volume per person per day is less.

Products are widely used in zoo enclosures, animal cages, bird cages, stadiums, car showrooms, home decoration, architectural decoration, plant greening and other fields. Stainless steel rope nets and accessories can be designed and produced according to the actual needs of customers.

When moving into a new home, many people like the option of a protective aesthetic design and security windows. More and more people prefer stainless steel safety windows. There are also many people who like to decorate their nests with stainless steel rope nets. Why more and more people prefer stainless steel, because it is not easy to rust. If our anti-theft windows are rusted, the aesthetics will be compromised, and if the interior design is rusted, it will produce a very contradictory psychology, so it is correct to choose stainless steel.