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What are the characteristics and uses of metal decorative mesh?


Metal ornaments are constructed from metal rods or meta […]

Metal ornaments are constructed from metal rods or metal cables. According to the weaving method of the fabric, various flat metal strip drawings made by vertical metal cables include metals such as stainless steel, high-strength corrosion-resistant chrome steel, etc. Other colors will also appear after special treatment, such as gold plating, silver plating, titanium plating, tin plating, etc. It has a wide range of applications and a remarkable decorative effect.

Special craftsmanship with the flexibility and luster of unique metal lines. It is well received by the decoration industry such as museums and brand exhibition halls. It has the characteristics of non-combustibility, high strength, consolidation, easy protection, strong function, good decorative effect and good decorative effect, and can well protect the building structure. Its installation is simple and convenient; its shape is particularly elegant.
Uses: The construction of Safety Fence is the planning of popular places and features such as exhibition halls, hotels, airports, and railway stations, such as roofs, roller shutters, partition walls or front decorations. The right equipment can be built in spacious public buildings or decorated in small places. Because its natural metallic color changes with the change of light and the attacking effect of the metal mesh, it creates a chaotic and changeable visual function, which fully demonstrates the creativity of the designer.

They can also be used for exterior walls, partitions, ceilings, parasols, balconies, corridors, exterior decoration, curtains, stairways, and restaurants, offices, showrooms, shops and other advanced weaving techniques: plain weave stainless steel decorative mesh, also Known as a curtain wall, decorative elements such as unique textures, precision, fashion and so on make the architectural categories of choice continue to expand and demand.

Various weaving methods and various decorative meshes. Construction and decoration nets are used for exhibition halls, hotels, luxury living rooms for screens, high-end office buildings, luxury ballrooms, management halls, large shopping centers in the middle, sports, etc., characteristic building roofs, walls, stairs, railings, etc., It has a good decorative function and also has a certain protective effect.