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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor fence nets


The fence net can be divided into outdoor fence net and […]

The fence net can be divided into outdoor fence net and indoor fence net from the installation position.
Outdoor fence nets are mainly railway fence nets, highway fence nets, airport fence nets, factory fence nets, etc. Outdoor fence net products are treated with dip plastics for surface treatment, and the plastic layer can reach 1-2mm. Increased strength, thereby effectively increasing the applicable life, and is mostly used for garden protection, road isolation, factory fences, community fences.
There are some differences in the post-processing of the indoor fence net. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying. The product is shot blasted and phosphatized to enhance the adhesion of the plastic powder. In addition, there are many colors such as red, yellow, green, blue and white. It makes indoor fence net products more popular with people, and it is mostly used for breeding nets, workshop isolation nets, product shelf trays. Because the indoor fence net products are not spray-painted, they will not have a great impact on animals. They are also used in chicken, pigeon, rabbit cages, kennels and many other breeding industries.

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