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Construction environment of slope protection net


The automatic protection system is covered with various […]

The automatic protection system is covered with various types of flexible nets, mainly steel wire nets, wrapped around the required protective slopes or rocks to constrain the weathering shedding or damage of the rocky soil on the slope and to collapse the rock (reinforcement), or to control the rockfall. Exercise within a certain range (enclosure).
    Slope protection net construction materials: wire rope net, ordinary steel wire grid (commonly known as wire grid) and TECCO high-strength steel wire grid.
    Construction: The first two are fixed by wire rope anchors and/or support ropes, the latter being passed through steel bars (pre-stressing can be applied) and/or wire rope anchors (optional with edge support ropes), special anchor pads and, if necessary The edge supports a fixing method such as a rope.
    Commodity use: the openness of the system, the groundwater can be freely secreted, avoiding the doubt of the slope instability caused by the increase of groundwater pressure; the system has a certain contribution to the stable slope, and can further suffer from the slope Weathering and denudation, and no special requirements for the shape characteristics of the slope, no damage and modification of the original geomorphological shape and vegetation growth conditions of the slope, and its open characteristics are necessary for the subsequent or subsequent conditions and the artificial slope beautification is required when necessary. Conditions, green plants can grow freely in their open space, the soil-fixing function of the plant roots is integrated with the slope protection system, and then the slope damage and soil erosion are maintained, which in turn maintains the landform and slope vegetation. Optimal slope protection and environmental maintenance intent.
    Features: high flexibility, high protection strength, easy to spread. Adapt to any slope topography, the device program is standardized and systemized.
    Automatic protective net construction equipment: wire rope net, wire rope anchor, support rope, suture rope, steel wire mesh are mainly distinguished from several aspects: flexible protective net wire rope diameter, mesh, bayonet thickness, component, flexible protective net barrier In terms of grids, wire ropes, etc., I will introduce the diameters of the comparative slope protection nets for these aspects: the diameter of the national standard flexible protective wire rope is 8 mm, and the diameter of the non-national wire rope usually does not exceed 7.5 mm. . The thickness of the diameter directly affects the anti-collision level of the protective net, and the anti-collision level of the non-national standard flexible protective net is much worse. As shown in the figure: Flexible protective mesh: The mesh products usually have errors, and the flexible protective mesh is also faulty. However, the error of the national standard flexible protective net is ±2cm, and the error of the national standard product is ±5cm. As the mesh becomes larger, the interception coefficient of the stone becomes smaller, and the stone is likely to pass through the mesh, so the national standard commodity has a significant advantage. The thickness of the flexible protective net buckle is in accordance with the TB/T3089-2004 specification. The thickness of the national standard slope protection net buckle has been officially increased from 2.0mm to 2.3mm. Since many of the items have reached 2.0mm, the tension reached does not reach the corresponding tension. Specification, so the thickness is increased to 2.3mm. Each slope protection net component: the national standard flexible protection net component is 33-34kg per sheet, and the non-national standard commodity component is only 25-28kg. Flexible protective net barrier grille contrast: flexible protective net barrier grille It is also a very important factor. The barrier grid is also the internal network we often say, but it is a kind of chain link network. The standard barrier wire diameter is 2.2 mm, and the non-national standard barrier wire diameter is only 2.0 mm.

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