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Many types of materials can be used in the production o […]

Many types of materials can be used in the production of fence nets, for example, square steel pipes or round steel pipes can be used, and sometimes sub-type steel plates can be used. If you want to pursue superior surface properties of your products. Therefore, consider using stainless steel when making it. Of course, when this product is used as a fence, the cost will definitely be higher. No matter what kind of material is used to make this product, the surface can be painted after it is done, so that the surface has the desired appearance or color. When painting the appearance, waterproof coatings and waterproofing effects are often used, so that the metal component of the guardrail itself is not easy to rust. When the product is installed, it is mainly fixed on the floor with expansion screws. Sometimes it is necessary to add a base under the column to make it stronger. This product is installed on the road or on both sides of the railway. In fact, the main function is to provide isolation and feedback. In particular, the guardrails installed on both sides of the highway can prevent pedestrians from entering the area where the vehicle is traveling, thereby ensuring order on the road. However, this kind of product can also be placed around the warehouse to achieve a certain degree of isolation and protection, especially in places where things are more important, you can use a fence to isolate it from the outside world.

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