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What is the bird net?


Bird-proof net cover cultivation is a new environmental […]

Bird-proof net cover cultivation is a new environmentally-friendly agricultural technology that increases production and practicality. It builds artificial isolation barriers on the scaffolding, rejects birds outside the net, cuts off bird breeding routes, and effectively controls various types of birds. Spread and prevent the spread of viral diseases. It has the functions of light transmission and moderate shading to create favorable conditions for crop growth, ensuring a drastic reduction in the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields, making crop yields high quality and sanitary, and providing a powerful means for developing non-polluting green agricultural products. Technical guarantee. The bird-proof net also has the function of resisting natural disasters such as storm erosion and hail attack.
Anti-bird net is widely used in vegetable, rape and other breeding originals for isolation of pollen, potato, flower and other tissue culture detoxification mask and pollution-free vegetables, can also be used for tobacco breeding, anti-bird, anti-bird It is the first choice for physical control of various crops and vegetable pests. Really let the consumers eat "safe dishes" and contribute to the vegetable basket project in China.

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