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What role does the bird net play in controlling birds?


The use of anti-bird nets is an environmentally friendl […]

The use of anti-bird nets is an environmentally friendly method, mainly used to control bird dregs, food, vegetables or fruits. Then we will tell you about the anti-bird nets in the prevention and control of birds. Let's play.
The bird-proof net is widely used for the introduction of pollen in the production of traditional seeds such as vegetables and rapeseed. The potato, flower and other tissue cultures are used for detoxification after the mask and pollution-free vegetables. It can also be used as a bird protection for tobacco seedlings. It is currently the first choice for physical control of various crops and vegetable pests. Really let the vast consumers eat "concentric dishes" and contribute to the Chinese vegetable basket project.
The above is the role of bird-proof nets in controlling birds, which is an effective way to neither harm birds nor protect crops. If you need it, you can choose this way to control birds.

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