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What is the screen


The screen is an industrial fabric which is woven with […]

The screen is an industrial fabric which is woven with raw materials such as silk, metal wire or synthetic fiber, has uniform and stable vent holes on the surface, and has screening and filtering effects. The mesh of the screen is customarily called. The size of the screen is often expressed in terms of the number of holes per unit length (mesh) and also the width of each hole. China's national standards are expressed in terms of the number of holes per centimeter, such as 20 holes/cm. The screen is divided into three types according to the raw materials used: silk screen, wire screen and synthetic fiber screen.
According to the specifications, the silk screens of different silk deniers are woven with full skein, semi-skein or plain weave, and the weaving method is similar to the mesh cloth. When the number of meshes is small, the whole skein is used for the structure, and when the number of meshes is large, the semi-skein or plain weave is used. Silk screens have a size of 4 to 62 holes/cm, which are mostly used for screening in the grain industry. They can also be used to screen different coarse and fine sands. The metal mesh is woven from brass wire, phosphor bronze wire and stainless steel wire. The wire thickness is 0.4 to 0.025 mm. Most of them use plain weave or twill weave. The metal mesh has clear and correct holes, the mesh surface is flat, and has high temperature resistance and wear resistance. The stainless steel screen can also resist corrosion. Therefore, metal screens are mostly used for powder screening and oil filtration. Synthetic fiber meshes are available in nylon or polyester filaments and brown yarns. The filaments are 15 to 30 denier monofilaments, and the surface of the mesh openings is smooth, which is favorable for filtration. The fabric structure can be full skein, square and flat, etc., and the specifications are 19 to 104 holes/cm. It is widely used as a printing enamel net, integrated circuit printed circuit board, and can also be used to screen fine particles such as magnetic particles of the picture tube phosphor and magnetic tape. The brown silk screen is made of coarse nylon silk yarn with a diameter of 0.55-0.1 mm. The fabric is mostly plain weave structure, used for beneficiation, filter pulp, conveyor belt and the like. The synthetic fiber screen has the characteristics of no rust, corrosion resistance, etc., and can replace part of the metal mesh.

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