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What can railway fences do


First of all, before we answer this question, we must k […]

First of all, before we answer this question, we must know what is a railway protective fence?
Railway protective fence anti-corrosion treatment method: galvanized and dip plastic, the color of dip plastic can choose grass green, dark green, yellow, blue, red and so on.
Material of railway protective fence: In the past, the main body of the fence was still cement, but now it is basically the main body of metal mesh, and the cement pillar used for the column.
Railway protective fence specifications:
The main mesh size: 1700mm * 2750mm The main mesh is generally bent at the top of 30 cm and 30 degrees. The bending design can increase the aesthetics of the mesh and increase the difficulty of climbing. It is a design that serves two purposes. Columns: 125 * 125mm reinforced cement columns are generally used. In special cases, steel pipe columns can also be used. Common specifications are 60 * 60 * 3.0mm and 75 * 75 * 3.0mm. The columns can also be galvanized square pipes, D-type pipes, I-type pipe, peach-shaped column and other pipes. The fixed method generally adopted for the column is pre-embedding, the pre-embedding length is 30 cm, and the pre-embedding foundation is generally made of 400 * 400 * 400mm cement. Frame specifications: 30 * 50 * 2.0mm, 20 * 30 * 2.0mm; wire diameter range after plastic: 3.5-5.5mm; mesh size: 75 * 150mm, 50 * 100mm, etc.
Advantages of railway protective fence:
1. The main body of the product uses metal mesh to replace the bulky reinforced concrete fence, which is light and convenient for transportation;
2. The thin mesh body not only facilitates transportation, but also greatly reduces the area of the fence. After all, the state ’s construction of railways takes up people ’s land and costs money to buy. Reducing the footprint also saves costs.
3. The mesh body and the column are connected by a snap or bolt, which is convenient for disassembly;
4. The connection angle can be set arbitrarily, which effectively improves the special terrain installation of the railway protective fence. Adapt to the installation of various hillside depressions.
5. Environmentally friendly products, can be recycled and reused. The surface color is bright, which increases the aesthetic appearance of the product and the coordination of the surrounding environment.
After understanding what a railway protective fence is, let's talk about its main use. The purpose of railway protective fence: The main purpose of the product is the safety protective fence along the railway line. It can also be used for separation of passengers in railway stations, safety inspection of the fence of the passage, the supermarket in the waiting room. Shelves etc.