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Why railway protection fences need to be dipped


Everyone knows that the railway protective fence will b […]

Everyone knows that the railway protective fence will be surface dip plastic treatment after production, but do you know what is the purpose of dip plastic, and what benefits does it have?
Everyone knows that the product will rust over a period of time, as is the railroad protective fence. Although we can't stop them from rusting, we can keep him from rusting for a certain period of time, slowing down the rusting time, and therefore appear After the production of the railway protective fence, a dip treatment is required. This is done to increase the corrosion resistance of the railway protective fence and delay its rust time.
Of course, in addition to slowing down the rust time of railway protective fences, dip plastic also has the characteristics of anti-aging, sun resistance, acid resistance and so on. Especially, the surface of railway protective fences will be shiny after dipping, so that people will immediately appreciate it Increase the popularity of its sales.
Moreover, everyone knows that the railway protective fence always stands on the periphery of the railway. It is exposed to wind and sun every day and it is easy to rust. People will get tanned when exposed to wind and sun, so people will apply skin care products such as sunscreen, and the dip treatment is equivalent to people's skin care products, so that the railway protective fence will always keep the shiny and beautiful moment. Now you know why the railway protective fence must be dipped after production.
The above is the relevant content of the railway protective fence, I hope to help everyone.