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How can the barbed wire cage tighten the drawing


(1) The vertical distance from the lower edge of the ba […]

(1) The vertical distance from the lower edge of the barbed wire cage to the upper edge of the reinforced concrete protective fence is 0.05m.
(2) The barbed wire cage is wound around the barbed wire with a blade barbed wire, and the adjacent two rings are fixed with a barbed wire connection card every 120 degrees. After being opened, it forms a serpentine web. After closing, the blade barbed wire has a diameter of 50 cm. The installation distance of each crossing circle is 20cm, and the diameter is not less than 45cm.
(3) The barbed wire cage is connected by a barbed wire connection buckle with a longitudinal tension bar fixed on the bracket. The connection between the longitudinal ribs and the bracket is made of Φ2.5mm cold-drawn galvanized steel wire around 2 turns and tightened. The bracket is set at the post and mid-span position of the protective fence with a span of 3m. The span is set up with the upper part of the pillar. The bracket and the protective fence are connected by bracket hoop. For the protective fence where the metal mesh has been installed. The barbed wire cage is directly fixed to the cross section of the metal mesh and the wire with a cold drawn galvanized steel wire of Φ2.5mm or a barbed wire connection buckle.

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