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Which stadium fence net is better structure


The structure of the stadium fence net is divided into […]

The structure of the stadium fence net is divided into two types: assembly type and frame type. So which of these two structures is better? Let me introduce you
The structure of the stadium fence net is not good or bad, but the application is different. Compared with the rigidity and protection, the frame type is better, but the material cost of the fence type stadium fence net is higher, and the freight is high. The assembled stadium fence net is more flexible, the size can be adjusted according to the actual size of the site, and the material cost is relatively low, which has been widely praised by customers. The choice of frame or assembly depends on the specific needs of the customer.
Stadium fence net structure
How is the structural characteristic of the stadium fence fence analyzed? The structure of the stadium fence net is mainly composed of two parts, one is the main frame part made of steel pipe, and the other is the mesh part made of woven net. The stadium fence net belongs to the woven net fence series, which has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure and easy installation.
The frame structure of the stadium fence net generally adopts an assembled structure, which separates the various components of the frame and connects them by special accessories. The plastic fence net is connected by steel bars equal to the frame, and the wires are tightened to form a whole. . The unique appearance structure is very suitable for the use of fence nets in ball games.