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What are your tips for using safety fences?


1. When purchasing a power safety fence, you should fir […]

1. When purchasing a power safety fence, you should first know its specific specifications, its wire diameter, mesh size, raw edge processing, etc. Only when these specifications are specified, can the next step be better, and then purchase At the time, the safety fence manufacturer can also report the corresponding price according to the specifications you provide.

2. To purchase safety fences, you should purchase them according to the needs you need. For example, if you are using the fence installation, you should purchase PE plastic hook-and-eye chain. If it is slope protection, you should choose plating. Zinc filament or modified wire hook flower net.

3. the choice of safety fence fence network to identify manufacturers, safety fences rather than the company, because the online sale of hook flower network my material, safety fence is too much, but the actual manufacturers are not many, find the hook Flower net manufacturers, one can ensure the quality of the safety fence, and second, the price of the safety fence is low cost, so once you have to consider carefully.