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Stainless steel safety fence


Stainless steel fences are generally light and beautifu […]

Stainless steel fences are generally light and beautiful indoor and outdoor fences. The height is generally 1.2 meters and the width is 2.5 meters. It is made of refined stainless steel and has a combination of stainless steel belts. There are stainless steel telescopic fences, movable fences and stainless steel cone bottom fences.

Stainless steel safety fences are often seen in our lives, such as balustrades, balcony railings, bridge railings, and more. Stainless steel railings have many advantages and are therefore widely available.

The stainless steel railings we often see have balustrades. The balcony railings are also made of stainless steel. Most of the bridge railings are cement or marble, and the stainless steel bridge railings are still relatively small.

The stainless steel safety fence structure is generally divided into a main pole and a column, and the main pole is often referred to as a supervisor (for example, the handrail of the stair railing is what we call the supervisor);

The stainless steel safety fence can also be called a riser, which is used to support the main pipe. The wall thickness of the main pipe is 1.2mm according to the national standard. When installing, be sure to check its thickness and not be pitted by others.

In addition, the wall thickness of the riser should be above 0.7mm. Because the riser is more complicated to install, it is normal to be thinner than the main pipe, but it is not enough below 0.7.

If the stainless steel safety fence is rusted, you can't use sandpaper to polish the rust.

This will not only damage the appearance of the stainless steel, but also damage the protective film on the stainless steel surface, so that more rust will be produced in the future.
The correct way is to go to the stainless steel market to buy clean water, or to talk to the merchants who specialize in stainless steel rust, they will know. If you want to prevent rust, it is better to polish the wax on the stainless steel safety fence.