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What are the system characteristics of active slope protection nets?


The active slope protection net adopts wire rope anchor […]

The active slope protection net adopts wire rope anchors or steel anchors and the metal elastic net slope of the supporting rope and potential geological disasters, so the limit range of the slope protection net and the slope reinforcement or the falling movement of the stone is realized.

Active slope protection net: The main characteristics of active protection net can be divided into three categories: steel wire rope net, steel wire grid and high-strength steel wire grid. The first two are fixed with steel wire bolts and support ropes, and the latter two are fixed with steel bars ( Prestress can be applied) and wire rope anchors (edge support ropes are used when using) anchor pads, and edges are added if necessary.

As a feature of the system, the flexible network is covered on the slope along the supporting rope and other fixed methods, which has potential geological disasters and achieves the purpose of protection. The active network is divided into four according to its protection function, protection ability, characteristic composition and structural form Types.

Adapt to any terrain, especially broken mountains. The installation speed of the project is fast and easy to use. By artificially planting grass, greening plants, maintaining the stability of soil and rock, and a safe environment. Strong protection ability. The system has a long life. 30-50 years.