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What are the main advantages of the flexible slope diamond protection net?


The diamond-shaped protection network of flexible slope […]

The diamond-shaped protection network of flexible slopes is composed of high-quality wire, low-carbon steel wire, steel wire, wire, PVC wire, galvanized wire and other high-end equipment. This product is used to protect slopes or rocks to limit the weathering and weathering of rocks and soil on the slope surface. Falling off, or destroying rocks. Falling rocks are controlled within a certain range to reduce the falling speed of falling rocks. It plays a certain role in landslides.

It has the characteristics of high flexibility, high protection strength, and easy promotion. It is suitable for any slope terrain, convenient installation, short construction period, and low construction cost. The application of the rhombus protection network of flexible slopes: widely used in railways, highways, mines, hydropower Engineering slope protection and large-scale construction site boundary fences have good effects on rock avalanches, mudslides, avalanche protection, and shallow slope disasters.

The flexible slope of the principle of rhombic net protection is similar to that of spray anchors and soil nailed walls such as surface protection systems, but due to its flexible characteristics, the local concentrated load can be evenly transferred to the entire system to give full play to the protection capabilities of the entire system. That is to say, the local load and the entire operation so that the system can withstand large loads and reduce the anchoring requirements of a single bolt.

The rhombus protection network of flexible slopes is mainly composed of four parts: wire rope net or ring net (a small piece of rock fall is intercepted with a layer of steel wire grid), fixed system (anchor, anchor rope, foundation and support rope), decompression Ring and steel column.