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How to improve the use effect of rope guardrail?


How to improve the impact of wire rope guardrails? Wire […]

How to improve the impact of wire rope guardrails? Wire rope guardrails, also known as wire rope guardrails, are mainly used in scenic spots, municipalities, rural roads and other places to prevent traffic accidents, but how to improve the impact of wire rope guardrails. Regarding this question, I will give you the following A brief introduction, I hope it can be helpful to you.

Cable guardrail is the main representative of flexible guardrail. It is a structure composed of a cable fixed by a cable with a certain initial tension. It mainly depends on the tension of the cable to resist the collision of the vehicle and absorb the energy of the collision. Cable guardrail It is a flexible structure. When the vehicle collides, the cable works within the elastic range. It can be reused and is convenient for maintenance. The distance between the columns is more flexible, and the impact of uneven settlement is small.

The use of cable guardrails in scenic areas is more beautiful. In areas covered by snow, there is a slight obstacle to clear the snow from the cable guardrail. However, the construction of wire rope guardrails is more complicated, and the repair of the end posts is more difficult. Not suitable for small Radius curve section. At the same time, it induces poor line of sight, short installation length and uneconomical.

Cable guardrails are divided into immersion type (normal type), immersion type (reinforced type), hot-dip galvanized type (normal type), and hot-dip galvanized type (reinforced type). Type a uses 6 cables, and type B uses 5 A cable, the initial tension of a and B cable is 201d. The cable adopts a 3x7 galvanized/right twist structure, which has high strength and corrosion resistance.