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What are the precautions for storage and use?


Note the following four points: 1. The storage environm […]

Note the following four points:
1. The storage environment should not be humid. Place the product in a dry and ventilated place. This is to prevent the product from mildew and other problems.
2. To prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, another problem that should be paid attention to when storing vegetable net bag products is mosquitoes. It is necessary to spray some disinfectant water or insect repellent in the warehouse regularly.
3. In the hot summer, the product should not be directly exposed to the sun, it is best to place it in a cool place.
4. The prevention area of the product must be marked, such as fireworks are strictly prohibited, and products of different specifications must be placed separately.
Precautions when using:
1. The wind is strong in spring, so in spring, it is necessary not only to prevent rain and moisture, but also to prevent wind and sand.
2. Don't put the vegetable net bag in the sun in summer, and don't let it rain, which will reduce the use time of the vegetable net bag.
3. Prevent the vegetable mesh bag from becoming moldy in autumn.
4. It is cold in winter, which has an impact on the stretching force of the vegetable mesh bag, so pay more attention when using it.