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What are the functions of insect screens mesh?


Nowadays, more and more growers are applying insect net […]

Nowadays, more and more growers are applying insect nets in vegetable greenhouses, and the insect nets in greenhouses have not disappointed people and have played a very important role in agricultural production. Here is a brief introduction for everyone.
1. Cool down
In summer, using vegetable greenhouse insect nets, the average daily temperature in the shed is 0.6-1.9 degrees Celsius higher than the open field daily average temperature, and the soil temperature of 10 cm underground, the insect net coverage is similar to the results of the open field, only 0.1 degrees Celsius increase. If it is covered with silver-gray insect-proof nets, the ground temperature will even have the effect of lowering the temperature in the open area. In sunny and hot weather and high temperature periods, remove the insect-proof net on the side of the shed and strengthen ventilation to lower the temperature of the shed. During the period of high temperature, the migratory activity of adult pests is also reduced, so it will not affect the pest control effect due to the uncovering management.
2. Moisturizing
The moisturizing and drought-preventing effect of the insect-proof net is related to the color and pore size of the net, that is, the insect-proof net for vegetable greenhouses with high dark shading rate and small pore size. The effect of drought-proof and moisture-preserving is better than that of white insect-proof nets with large pores. Moreover, the ability to maintain moisture in continuous high temperature weather is better. For the cultivation of Chinese cabbage, the whole growth period (22 days) in the open field needs to be watered 30 times, while the insect-proof net covered only needs 15 watering because of its moisture retention function.
In summary, the anti-insect net for vegetable greenhouses has a strong cooling and moisture-preserving effect, and the effect is very obvious. Of course, the selection of the mesh and color of the anti-insect net should be appropriate. This requires everyone to be clear about their needs when purchasing or wholesale anti-insect nets, and choose an anti-insect net of appropriate specifications.