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How to check the quality of the packaging net? Can it be reused many times?


When making packaging nets, there are many factors that […]

When making packaging nets, there are many factors that will affect its quality, so when choosing a net bag with a brighter color, good gloss, and uniform thickness, because this kind of net bag contains relatively few impurities, and It has a strong pulling force and will not stretch or even crack when it is loaded. If it is a poor-quality vegetable net bag, the pulling force is weak, and it is easy to break, and it will fall apart due to weak bonding.
The packaging net can be reused many times, and it can be reused after a little cleaning after use or after it is dirty.
In addition, the packaging net can be used for the second time to clean the packaging net. A cleaning agent can be added during the operation. It is a cleaning agent used before the crushing and granulation of the waste plastic packaging net. Kinds of printed writing, patterns and other stains are cleaned. The cleaning effect after adding the cleaning agent is obvious, and the surface of the waste packaging net after cleaning is smooth and white as before.
In addition, when cleaning, you can choose mechanical cleaning or manual cleaning. If it is used in the family and the number is small, then manual cleaning can be used. If it is in an enterprise and the number is large, mechanical cleaning can be used to improve work efficiency.


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