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Can high-quality Package Netting be reused?


Package netting are mainly made of plastic, which are e […]

Package netting are mainly made of plastic, which are extruded and drawn through corresponding equipment, which can also be said to be made into flat yarns, and then woven into package netting. Generally, package netting are mainly used for vegetables and fruits. Because of its high strength, anti-aging, and ventilation, it is very suitable for the transportation of vegetables and fruits.
1. The Package Netting has good air permeability, which can prevent the onion inside from becoming degenerate and rot.
2. Lightweight, soft, and can ensure that it will not be damaged due to packaging during transportation.
3. The production cost of onion special net bag is low, and it is more convenient to use.
4. Large elasticity, not easy to deform, and relatively tough.
5. It can be reused, and the mesh bag is relatively green and environmentally friendly.