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What are the functions and requirements of the flexible active protection net?


A good product must not only have patience, but also ha […]

A good product must not only have patience, but also have a certain degree of flexibility. Flexible automatic protection nets are usually called environmentally friendly slope protection nets. The protective net is widely used in railways, highways, mines, tourist resorts, rivers and municipal engineering.
Compared with other similar products, this product has incomparable advantages. Overcoming rigidity with softness-when the product is receiving a huge impulse, the action time is prolonged; the force area of the dots is increased; at the same time, the whole is intercepted when the force is locally applied; it avoids damage caused by the local concentration of force.
The product is suitable for any complex terrain, and at the same time, it protects the original landform. The product has a net shape with little visual disturbance, which is convenient for artificial greening and is conducive to environmental protection. The construction is convenient and simple, the construction period is short, the product components are standardized in the factory, and there is no need for on-site reprocessing. Only simple machinery, a small amount of manpower and a small amount of earth and stone foundations are required. There is no need for large-scale excavation, no need for a large amount of materials to operate. The building block type rapid device does not disturb the normal operation of nearby buildings and other construction functions, and avoids interference. "The resulting major economic losses.
The environmental protection functions and requirements of the flexible automatic protection net. The flexible automatic protection net is a flexible safety protection system used to prevent and control slope geological disasters. It can improve the structural strength and deformation resistance of the steep slope rock and soil, and enhance the overall stability of the slope . The protection of falling rocks traditionally uses a rigid structure to resist dynamic impact, which has the disadvantage of "not worth the loss", while the flexible automatic protection net borrows the idea of "overcoming rigidity with softness" to achieve the effect of "doubling the effort with half the effort".