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What are the characteristics of onion net bags?


Onion net bags are mainly made of plastic, and they are […]

Onion net bags are mainly made of plastic, and they are extruded and drawn through corresponding equipment. It can also be said to be made into flat yarns. Then they are made into onion net bags through corresponding weaving. Today, I will introduce to you what onion net bags are. Features:
1. The onion mesh bag has good air permeability, which can prevent the onion inside from becoming degenerate and rot.
2. Lightweight and soft, it can ensure that the onion will not be damaged due to the packaging during transportation.
3. The production cost of onion net bag is low and it is convenient to use.
4. Large elasticity, not easy to deform, and relatively tough.
5. Onion net bags can be reused and are more environmentally friendly.

How to use vegetable mesh bags in different seasons What matters should be paid attention to when transporting vegetable mesh bags?
1. There is a lot of rain in spring, and the wind and sand are relatively heavy, so pay attention to rain and moisture in the vegetable net bag, pay attention to the wind and sand. The wind and sand not only affect the cleaning of the net bag, but also reduce the freshness of vegetables.
2. The summer is hot and the sun is scorching. Do not expose the vegetable mesh bag to the sun. Do not let the mesh bag get wet in rainy days. If the wet mesh bag is dried in the sun, the service life will be greatly reduced.
3. Autumn is also called the transition season. To prevent excessive moisture on the contact surface between the vegetable mesh bags, causing mildew or freezing damage.
4. Winter is the coldest season. The cold weather has a serious impact on the stretching ability and anti-hanging ability of vegetable mesh bags. Vegetables should be paid special attention to how to use vegetable mesh bags in different seasons.