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What are the functional advantages of the flexible protective net?


The flexible layout plan of the flexible protective net […]

The flexible layout plan of the flexible protective net, the coordination of various components, part of the force, the group load, prevent the part of the force from meeting the force to produce the sign of the protective net being broken, and at the same time, the requirements for anchor rods and other components are lost. Systematization of product standards for flexible protection nets: In view of different conditions, geological conditions and protection requirements, a series of system products of different models have been formed, and the system components have completed standardized equipment layout.
The flexible protective net has strong adaptability: the system's flexibility and mobile layout characteristics can probably adapt to a variety of huge terrain and landforms, and generally do not need construction and excavation, which effectively protects the original landform and vegetation conditions.
The flexible protective net is a lightweight and open system: a high-strength lightweight steel layout system that facilitates the transportation of materials; an open mesh layout with little visual disturbance, which connects the growth of native vegetation on the slope and artificial beautification conditions, which is beneficial to the slope Natural excretion of groundwater.
The construction of the flexible protective net is small: no large-scale excavation, no need for a lot of material transfer, can be separated from buildings and people for construction, and the normal operation of neighboring buildings, other construction work, and passing pedestrians and vehicles are minimally disrupted.
The construction of the flexible protective net is quick and easy: with frugal machinery, a small number of labor, low labor intensity and a small amount of earth and stone foundations, the building block type of the system components can be quickly settled, which is suitable for the construction under the harsh conditions in the mountainous area.
The flexible protective net is convenient to protect: the anti-corrosion life can reach 50 to 100 years, and the crushing time due to overloading is generally only necessary to replace the crushed area.