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What are the detailed information about the structure, characteristics, uses, specifications, etc. of the active slope protection net?


Active protection The active protection system is to co […]

Active protection The active protection system is to cover the required protection slopes or rocks with various flexible nets, mainly wire rope nets, to limit the weathering, spalling or damage of the rock and soil on the slope and for rock collapse (reinforcement), or The falling rock is controlled to move within a certain range (enclosure function).
Active slope protection net structure: the first two are fixed by wire rope anchor rods and/or support ropes, the latter by steel bars (prestress can be applied) and/or wire rope anchor rods (used when there is edge support rope), special anchor pads Fixing methods such as board and edge support rope if necessary.
Product features of active slope protection net:
1. It has high flexibility, high protection strength and easy spreadability. Adapt to any slope terrain, the installation procedure is standardized and systematic.
2. The system adopts die-cutting installation method, with short construction period and low construction cost.
3. The special manufacturing process and high anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology of the system materials determine the super long life of the system. The system can minimize the impact of the engineering team on the environment, and its protection area can fully protect the stability of soil and rocks, facilitate artificial greening, and benefit environmental protection.
4. The principle of action is similar to surface protection systems such as spray anchors and soil nail walls, but due to its flexible characteristics, the system can distribute local concentrated loads to the surrounding material. Material: steel wire rope net, ordinary steel wire grid (often called wire grid) It is evenly transmitted with TECCO high-strength steel wire grid to give full play to the protective capacity of the entire system, that is, partial load and overall effect, so that the system can withstand larger loads and reduce the anchoring force requirements of a single anchor.
Product use of active slope protection net: the openness of the system, the groundwater can be freely drained, avoiding the slope instability caused by the rise of groundwater pressure; the system can not only contribute to the stability of the slope, but also Suppress the slope from further weathering and denudation, and have no special requirements on the morphological characteristics of the slope, and do not damage or change the original landform and vegetation growth conditions of the slope, and its open features will allow the subsequent or future conditions and the implementation of artificial slopes when necessary Greening retains the necessary conditions. Green plants can grow freely in their open spaces. The soil-fixing effect of plant roots is integrated with the slope protection system, thereby inhibiting slope damage and soil erosion, which in turn protects the landscape and Slope vegetation, to achieve the best slope protection and environmental protection purposes.
Common model of active slope protection net: system wire rope anchor rod + support rope + suture rope, hole pit + tension [or edge (upper edge) anchoring (steel cable anchor 2-4m at 4.5m) + vertical and horizontal support Rope (∮12-∮16) + steel wire rope net (◇08/300/4*4㎡) + suture rope (∮8)].