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What are the product characteristics of the slope protection net?


Slope protection nets are also known as landslide prote […]

Slope protection nets are also known as landslide protection nets, slope protection engineering steel wire rope nets, natural disaster protection nets, and slope protection nets.
Product characteristics of slope protection net
It has high flexibility, high protection strength and easy spreadability. Adapt to any slope terrain, the installation procedure is standardized and systematic.
The system adopts die-cutting installation method, with short construction period and low construction cost.
The special manufacturing process of system materials and high anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology determine the super long life of the system. The system can minimize the impact of the engineering team on the environment, and its protection area can fully protect the stability of soil and rocks, facilitate artificial greening, and benefit environmental protection.
The principle of action is similar to the surface protection system such as spray anchor and soil nail wall, but because of its flexible characteristics, the system can distribute the local concentrated load to the surrounding material: steel wire rope net, ordinary steel wire grid (commonly called wire grid) and TECCO The high-strength steel wire grid is evenly transmitted to give full play to the protective capacity of the entire system, that is, partial load and overall effect, so that the system can withstand larger loads and reduce the anchoring force requirements of a single anchor.