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Understand the practicality of the fruit tree bird net


Now in the summer, in the hot summer, the poisonous peo […]

Now in the summer, in the hot summer, the poisonous people will choose to eat a little fruit, which will not only make everyone feel comfortable, but also feel the happiness that deliciousness brings us. When it comes to eating good fruit, a good planting environment is also very important, but now when a fruit grower grows fruit in his orchard, there are often birds to eat fruit. This is very Distressed, so now there are fruit trees and bird nets on the market.

The current fruit tree anti-bird net is mainly used in summer, especially in the south. The use of fruit tree and bird nets to cultivate vegetables in the south in the summer has become a major technical measure for disaster prevention protection. The current application in the north is limited to summer vegetable seedlings. In summer (June-August), the main function of covering the tree-tree anti-bird net is to prevent the sun's exposure, the impact of anti-storm, the danger of high temperature, the spread of pests and diseases, especially to prevent the migration of insects. After the summer cover, it plays a role of blocking light, preventing rain, moisturizing and cooling; after winter and spring coverage, there is still a certain heat preservation and humidification effect. The fruit tree anti-bird net is made of polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, PE, PVC, recycled material, poly-ethylene-propylene, etc., which is UV-resistant and anti-oxidation treatment. It has strong tensile strength, aging resistance and radiation resistance. Lightweight and other features.