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Introduction to the content of the bird-proof net


Anti-bird nets are widely used in our lives, and there […]

Anti-bird nets are widely used in our lives, and there are many types of anti-bird nets. The range of different anti-bird net applications is also different. The greenhouse anti-bird net is mainly used to prevent birds from eating food. It can generally be used for grape protection, cherry protection, pear tree protection, apple protection, cockroach protection, breeding protection, kiwi and other protection against grapes. Many farmers will think that indifferent attitudes are also considered by half of the people. It is possible to cover all the grapes on the shelf. It is better to use the strong greenhouse to prevent bird nets. The fastness is relatively better. It can be used for farmers of common varieties. Accepted, the cost is relatively low, compared with the generally closed fishing nets, it is relatively light, for some fine fruit can already recommend nylon greenhouse bird net, the fastness can be used for more than 5 years.