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The selection of anti-bird nets is very particular


The area with more birds can be bagged with a nylon mes […]

The area with more birds can be bagged with a nylon mesh bag to prevent bird damage, but it does not affect the coloration of the fruit. It is also suitable for small vineyards or garden grapes, erected, and the grape-proof net is suitable for large areas. In the vineyard, a special grape-proof net made of nylon wire is laid on the net frame. The periphery of the net frame hangs down the ground and is compacted with soil to prevent birds from flying into the future. Because most of the birds in the dark are chaotic, polyethylene mesh should be used, and black or green PE mesh should not be used. Mainly made of pe or nylon raw material, the mesh has a small mesh. It is useful to isolate the upper bird into the net and steal the fruit. The anti-bird net manufacturer also has a certain choice in the time color of the purchase. Tricks. This is the principle that the bird net can prevent birds. The mesh of the bird-proof net is translucent, and the standard bird-proof net is colored because the birds are wary of color contrasts such as red, yellow and blue. After the equipment, a red or blue light appears above the field of the device, which makes the birds afraid to approach, and can play the anti-bird effect without harming the bird, which is truly environmentally friendly. Blue or red bird-proof nets are used in the plain area.