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Advantages of using greenhouses to prevent bird nets


The greenhouse bird netting has saved millions of losse […]

The greenhouse bird netting has saved millions of losses for fish farmers. These days, fish farmers are a very disturbing day. Thousands of acres of fish ponds have been attacked by herons. I saw these guys perched on the surface of the water, listening to the fish in the fish pond, standing on it.

The farming staff on the shore is beyond the reach. Seeing that these fishes are at the time of sale, the heron stealing fish has undoubtedly brought huge economic losses to the farmers. Under such circumstances, they used the bird-proof net according to the bird's stealing of fruit, and proposed an imagination. That is, the greenhouse bird-proof net is used to prevent birds, and it is used in the fishing pond to prevent the bird net. A principle? This imagination quickly lost the experiment. The flying frame took a shed of bird-proof nets and saw the sparkling water around it.

The fish indulged in leaping, and the smiles on the faces of the farmers were also clouded. Every fish pond here is surrounded by a green big net around the pool, and it spreads to the connotation for more than 4 meters. The net is set up with wooden piles and other supports in the pond. The greedy herons can only I hope that the "net" will sigh.