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Species and hazard characteristics of main bird pests in vineyards


1. Grey ostrich: The forehead, eye first, cheek, ear ar […]

1. Grey ostrich: The forehead, eye first, cheek, ear area, etc. are all white, mixed with black stripes, white backwards with scattered sparse stripes extending over the head and throat, and upper chest grayish black, with inconspicuous axial pattern All of these feathers are spear-shaped, the compound feathers of the wings are gray-brown, and the compound feathers on the tail have a white horizontal belt with a green luster. They often have group activities. The food is made of tree seeds, insects and grapes, mulberry, jujube and other fruits. Mainly. Especially like grapes, I found a mature vineyard, often madly foraging, while licking and using claws, it is extremely destructive, so it is called "greedy bird".

2. Magpie: head and neck, back, chest black; shoulder feathers, abdomen is white; tail is very long, blue-green; tail belly feathers black. During flight, the inner feathers of the primary flying feathers and the white sides of the back are very conspicuous, often emitting monotonous and hoarse sounds like "clip, clip". High trees or farmland distributed in flats and hills. Often alone or in small groups in the open space of the field, sexual fierce and violent, there are quirks of collecting small items, high alertness. Two, three, two, two come and go between the tops of the big trees. Nesting in the middle and upper layers of the tree, the branches are made of various branches, and the nest is large and conspicuous and omnivorous.

3.Crows: including red-billed crows, jackdaws, big-mouthed crows, the main hazard is to eat grape granules.