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The importance of orchard bird nets for bird damage


The hazards caused by birds are often local, depending […]

The hazards caused by birds are often local, depending on the time, the location, and the level of awareness and specific needs of people. The most obvious ones are agricultural birds, such as geese, parrots, pelicans, cockroaches, and many species of the genus Corvidae, Finch, and the genus Pteropodidae, all of which are fond of grain or foraging seedlings, the most famous of which is the sparrow. This should be based on the trade-offs and gains, choose the appropriate method to control. The contradiction between "people and birds compete for food" is very sharp in the case of low levels of productivity and low living standards.

As the level of farming technology and social needs change, there will be changes in understanding. It is also possible to change harm to benefit, so this requires the orchard bird net to carry out defense work. "Bird hit" is an accident caused by collisions between large groups of migratory birds during the voyage of the aircraft. Therefore, after the completion of the airport, the activity of birds should be monitored throughout the day and throughout the year. Birds can carry some bacteria, fungi and parasites, and some can be spread between poultry, livestock or humans. Therefore, research on bird diseases and parasites can be carried out to find out the route of transmission between them and the relationship with human health. It is very urgent for the protection of birds and human health.