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Note the bird proof polyethylene building what?


The use of polyethylene bird proof we will not be unfam […]

The use of polyethylene bird proof we will not be unfamiliar, in order to prevent crops by birds peck to see, many users will choose polyethylene bird proof products, so we set up in the net, prevention should pay attention to what the problem? Let's explain it to you by our professionals.
To build the first bird proof polyethylene anchor fixed on the ground, so to ensure strong column stability. To set up bird proof horizontal and vertical with wire connected into a grid, then the two ends of the wire to be fixed, tightener with the wire taut and then fixed, the next step is to frame the net. Bird proof builds to set up according to the fruit column height, the column must be beyond the tree height five meters above. The steel pipe is planted every twenty meters at every ten meters, and the bottom should be irrigated with cement. The depth of the irrigation cement is about 70 centimeters. Through the mesh line in accordance with the pace. The net on the shelf, fixed mesh line two sides. The first to wear the Skynet mesh line, the bird proof open, find the width of the side line will wear with mesh grid. At both ends, a piece of rope is left, which is attached to the edge of the grid. This can be in the process of rapid and accurate device width of the edge set. Blue or black bird proof is to strengthen the edge, strengthen the edge of the reinforcement effect, avoid the tear.