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The use of insect nets


1. Covering of greenhouses: The insect-proof nets are d […]

1. Covering of greenhouses: The insect-proof nets are directly covered on the scaffolds and compacted with soil or bricks. The roof line should be tightened to prevent the strong wind from being lifted in summer. Leave the main door uncovered for easy access. In peacetime, it is necessary to close the door in order to prevent spawning inside the moth. At the same time, we must always check whether there is a tear in the insect net (especially if it is used for a long time), and if it is found, it should be promptly repaired to ensure no pest invasion in the net room.
2. Small arch cover: bamboo or steel bar arched into the Daejeon area, covering the insect net on the arch, watering directly after pouring on the net, until the harvest is not uncovered, the implementation of closed cover .
According to statistics of relevant organizations of the United Nations, 750,000 people worldwide suffer from pesticide poisoning each year, and nearly 20,000 of them have died. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health in recent years, the number of pesticide poisonings in China has exceeded 100,000 each year. Most of these poisonings are caused by food poisoning caused by pesticide residues in vegetables! This is how shocking it is. The seriousness of pesticide pollution from vegetables has led us to see the urgency of promoting the use of insect nets.