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Choose anti-bird net need to pay attention to the choice of colors


     Anti-bird net has a wide range of applications, in […]

     Anti-bird net has a wide range of applications, in order to make the product more suitable for the needs of applications, anti-bird net manufacturers of experts continue to study and improve the design to make it more to meet people's needs, anti-bird nets in the choice of a certain time What are the advantages of it? details as follows:
     Anti-bird nets is mainly made of pe or nylon mesh made of its mesh is very small, effectively isolated on the bird fleeing into the net, stealing food, anti-bird net in the choice of color when there is a certain The trick, this is the anti-bird network can prevent bird's principle. Anti-bird net mesh translucent, standardized anti-bird net is a color because the birds on the red, yellow, blue and other colors more alert. The installation makes the installation above the plots showed a red or blue light, which makes the birds can not get close, can play a bird's eye on the premise of not hurting the birds, truly environmentally friendly. Plain area with blue or red bird's nest.