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Choose stadium fence need to pay attention to what?


    How to correctly select the high quality of the sta […]

    How to correctly select the high quality of the stadium network products is a question that many users face, for experienced buyers, nothing, it is not very good on the novice to master, we know that the selection of high quality railway chain link fence Very important, the quality of raw materials directly affect the quality of the product and the service life, which is linked to the product is not available to reach the useful life, the quality is not qualified.
    First, we want to see the chain link fence is how, the general mesh is not the same as the standard wire welded together, the diameter and strength of the wire directly affect the net fence made by the factory mesh The quality of wire selection should be selected by the manufacturer to produce high-quality wire rod products pulled out; followed by the mesh welding or preparation technology, mainly in this regard to see the technical staff and good out. Production machinery between skilled and operational capacity, the general good hook net factory mesh is every welding or preparation points can be an excellent convergence. Some specifications Chain Link Fence manufacturers, are all used automatic welding machine to produce, and a small factory is the use of welding technology, the general quality is difficult to guarantee.