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How to operate stainless steel wire rope correctly?


The new stainless steel wire rope should not be directl […]

The new stainless steel wire rope should not be directly used for high speed and heavy burden, but it will run for a period of time at low speed and medium loading conditions, and the new rope will gradually increase the speed of the wire rope and increase the lifting load, that is, the new wire rope must pass at high speed. The initial stage and heavy load operation.

When stainless steel wire rope and pulley are used together, care must be taken to prevent the wire rope from jumping out of the groove. If the wire rope is still used after the rope is removed, the wire rope will be squeezed, twisted, broken wire, and broken chain, which will seriously shorten the service life of the wire rope. If there is a broken rope Phenomenon often brings catastrophic consequences.

The strong extrusion that the stainless steel wire rope cannot be used to avoid the deformation of the wire rope, leading to the early failure of the structure (when the brittle layer of martensite will appear on the surface of the wire), breaking the chain, or even breaking the rope, can significantly reduce the use of the wire rope Longevity and safety-critical operations.

When the stainless steel wire rope is running at high speed, it should avoid friction with other objects outside the non-matching groove. Because the wire rope generated by the instantaneous friction heat and these objects at high speed can cause the steel wire on the surface of the martensite structure, and the change of this structure cannot pass It is recognized by the naked eye, but the main cause of its early fracture is the steel wire.