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What kinds of guardrails are commonly used on highways?


Beam guardrail is a continuous beam-column guardrail st […]

Beam guardrail is a continuous beam-column guardrail structure with certain rigidity and flexibility. It is a beam-type structure fixed by pillars. It relies on the bending deformation and tension of the guardrail to resist the collision of vehicles. It uses foundations, columns and The deformation of the beam absorbs the collision energy and forces the out-of-control vehicle to change its square shape. Appears. The beam guardrail has the best visual sensing effect, beautiful appearance, and easy to replace. At present, this kind of guardrail is widely used.

Concrete guardrail is a basic non-deformable guardrail with a certain cross-sectional shape. It relies on the front wheel of the car to climb or turn to absorb the collision energy, and at the same time force the colliding vehicle to return to the normal direction. The concrete guardrail has a better effect on preventing vehicles from leaving the car. It is in Areas that need corrosion protection have an excellent effect, but it has a poor impact on the safety and visual comfort of passengers, and has a strong sense of oppression.

The cable guardrail is a flexible barrier structure with a large buffer capacity. It is fixed on a pillar and has a number of initial tension cables. It completely relies on the tensile stress of the cable to withstand the collision of the vehicle and absorb the energy of the collision. The appearance of the guardrail is beautiful, There is no sense of oppression when the vehicle is running, but the effect of the line of sight is very poor. In places with beautiful needs, the winter climate is longer, the part with uneven settlement and the long straight line, you can consider the cable guardrail.

Urban guardrail is also known as urban traffic galvanized plastic guardrail. The product has beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, simple installation, convenient maintenance, convenient cleaning, economical and practical, maintenance-free, beautiful structure, and good coordination with the environment.

This is the best choice for beautifying urban environmental engineering. It is widely used in the safety protection and decoration of municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places. It can also be used in residential areas, courtyards, villas, smooth lines, and simplicity. Beautiful, rich and rich modern atmosphere, let the residence color, let the courtyard beautify.