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How to judge the quality of the lead guardrail?


The inner and outer guardrails of the expressway are ca […]

The inner and outer guardrails of the expressway are called "drivers' rear seat belts", which play an effective role in reducing the impact of vehicles, slowing down the speed, and preventing vehicles from running out of the roadbed. Therefore, guardrails, pillars and even used Screws and bolts have strict design requirements in the design specifications. Among them, beam guardrails and cable guardrails are widely used safety protection facilities. From the perspective of completed highway projects, most of the projects have met the standard requirements and become the promotion of economic development. And important infrastructure for social progress.

The appearance standard of the cable guardrail: the metal parts have no surface defects such as bubbles, peeling, leakage, scratches, etc. The straight line section of the guardrail has no obvious bulge, and the curved section of the guardrail is smooth. The cable end anchors, brackets, and cable clamp bolts should be installed and fixed firmly; bracket number and combination It should be adapted to the category of cable guardrail; the upper and lower brackets are in the correct position, and the center partition cable guardrail bracket is symmetrical on both sides.

Highway cable fence can be divided into B type (ordinary type), A type (enhanced type), hot-dip galvanized B type (ordinary type), hot-dip galvanized A type (enhanced type); the cable fence produced by our company is better than the previous one. The "Double Wave Board Guardrail" is more flexible, higher, and has better anti-collision performance. In addition, a better transparent cable guardrail will help visitors enjoy the natural landscape. After testing, the speed of small cars is 100 kilometers per hour, and the speed of large cars It is 60 kilometers per hour.

Highway cable guardrail net is the main representative form of flexible guardrail. It is a structure consisting of a cable fixed on a vertical column and has a certain initial tension. It mainly depends on the tensile stress of the cable to withstand the collision of vehicles and absorb the collision The energy of the cable guardrail is a flexible structure. When the vehicle collides, the cable works within the elastic range. It can be reused and is easy to maintain.

The distance between the columns is more flexible, and the impact of uneven settlement is less. The use of cable guardrails in scenic areas is more beautiful. In areas covered by snow, there is a slight obstacle to clear the snow by the cable guardrail. However, the construction of wire rope guardrails is more It is complicated and difficult to repair the end post. It is not suitable for small radius curve sections. At the same time, it induces poor line of sight, short installation length and uneconomical.