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What Kind of Plant Support Netting Should be Use?


Plant support netting is a simple trellis that you can […]

Plant support netting is a simple trellis that you can stretch between uprights or lay horizontally. This is useful for many types of plants, including climbers. The netting can be white or any other colour, and can be any length. Plant support netting is an effective way to help your plants grow. If you're not sure what kind of netting you need, we'll give you some tips below.

Tenax Hortonova: This plastic mesh is made from top-grade polypropylene and is designed for both horizontal and vertical use. You can use more than one layer of this netting to fit the width of your trellis. It's also available in a variety of colors, making it easier to coordinate the appearance of your growing space with your desired look. It's available in rolls of 5m or 25m, and has a 50mm square mesh.

Nylon trellis netting is perfect for peas, beans, and cucumbers. Its soft nylon cord is designed to prevent snagging and breaking the stems of your plants. The unobtrusive green color lets your plants take the spotlight. Plants grown on the trellis will grow with less stress and worry. The 5-1/4"-square-mesh design makes it easy to reach your plants.

Trellis netting can be suspended vertically between stakes or over an A-frame. Before purchasing, consider the weight of the plants you want to support. Thicker netting is necessary for heavier crops, while a softer mesh nylon trellis netting will hold a smaller plant. This kind of trellis netting will take up less storage space and fold back into a roll to store.