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What are the types of crop protection nets?


Many different types of crop protective netting are ava […]

Many different types of crop protective netting are available. Some of them are used over fruit trees. Others cover entire fields and are placed over crops during the growing process. These are manufactured in a variety of widths and lengths. Typical widths range from about two to twenty meters. They may be made from one or more types of material, such as nylon, plastic, polyethylene, or other materials. A few types of netting have diamond shaped apertures for specific purposes.

Some types of crop protective netting are transparent or translucent. These are used in combination with the method of supporting over several plants. Insects, birds, and rabbits have a hard time reaching crops protected by netting. One type of crop protection netting is made with UV-resistant knitted polyethylene. These netting products are a long-lasting solution to a pest problem. Insects, birds, and other pests struggle to reach crops covered by these netting materials.

Another type of crop protective netting is heavy-duty, and can protect large areas. This type of netting is often hung by suspension cables, frames, and greenhouse structures. These netting are used in orchards and vineyards because they provide protection against large flying insects. This type of netting is available in rolls of various sizes, making installation easier. If you're concerned about the strength of your crop's growth, be sure to check the product's safety rating.