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What is the difference between a cable guardrail and a corrugated beam guardrail?


The cable guardrail is made of galvanized steel sheet, […]

The cable guardrail is made of galvanized steel sheet, which is corrugated. Its purpose is to prevent the vehicle from losing control. It uses the deformation of beams, foundations and columns to absorb the energy of the collision. In this way, it forces the The controlled vehicle changes direction and restores the direction. To protect the safety of passengers on the normal running track, in addition to the wave board, there is a line of sight sensing function, which can complement the road, and is more flexible, maintenance is also simple, and it is easy to replace damage.

The corrugated beam guardrail is the primary form of semi-rigid guardrail. It is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrails spliced ​​together and supported by columns. It uses physically deforming soil foundations, columns and beams to absorb energy from collisions and force runaway vehicles The direction of driving changes, returning to the normal road direction, preventing the vehicle from running on the road, and protecting the vehicle and passengers, reducing the loss caused by the accident.
The beam guardrail is sturdy and flexible, has a strong ability to absorb collision energy, has a good line of sight sensing function, can coordinate with the shape of the road line and various facilities, beautiful appearance, can be installed in small radius bends, easy to connect, easy to replace and damage .

The cable guardrail is a structure composed of a cable fixed on a column with several initial tensions. It mainly relies on the tension of the cable to resist the collision of the vehicle and absorb the energy of the collision. When the vehicle collides, the cable is elastic It can be used repeatedly and is easy to maintain. The spacing of the columns is more flexible, the uneven settlement has less influence, the construction of the steel cable guardrail is complicated, and the repair of the end column is difficult, so it is not suitable for the use of small radius curves.