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What are the characteristics of flexible slope protection net?


It has the characteristics of high toughness, high prot […]

It has the characteristics of high toughness, high protection strength, and easy to spread. In order to adapt to any terrain, the installation process is standardized and systematic. The system adopts die-cutting installation method, which shortens the construction period and construction cost. The special manufacturing process of system materials and high Anti-corrosion and high anti-rust technology determine the ultra-high life of the system.

The impact of the project on the environment can be reduced to the extent that the soil and rocks in the protected area can be fully stabilized, which is convenient for artificial greening and environmental protection.
The slope protection net has played a good protective role in the management of rock caving. In terms of engineering construction, the slope protection net is simple, fast, economical, applicable, and low in cost. In terms of environmental impact, the slope protection network has less interference to traffic. It is small, generally does not interfere with the original geology and vegetation, and meets the current green environmental protection requirements. The slope protection network has withstood the test of summer floods and rock avalanches, and has achieved good protection effects. The slope protection network is an economical and feasible method. The method for controlling the collapse and subsidence of rock mass is convenient and simple to maintain.

The open feature of the slope protection net provides necessary conditions for the implementation of artificial slope afforestation in the future. Green plants grow freely in the open space, combined with the plant root system and slope protection system, to inhibit the damage of the slope surface and soil erosion, and inhibit soil erosion and soil erosion. Erosion. At the same time, it also protects the terrain and slope vegetation, and achieves the purpose of slope protection and environmental protection.