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What is a plastic fence?


The plastic fence is blow molded or injection molded wi […]

The plastic fence is blow molded or injection molded with PE plastic. It combines the toughness of plastic into one. It not only has good flexibility, but also has superior anti-collision ability. The reflective material uses a crystal lattice.

1) In the structure, the column body adopts the connection device which is plugged together, which breaks the limitation of the traditional use of the connecting piece, and is more convenient to connect. When applied to traffic accident handling and road construction, the arrangement time of the traffic facilities will be effectively shortened. Improve road isolation and traffic grooming efficiency.

2) The column body is attached with crystal color reflective material, and the reflection effect at night is obvious, which has obvious warning effect on the driver, and can reduce the casualty of the car during the accident, and form a safer protection, effectively reducing the traffic accident and loss of the vehicle.

3) High anti-oxidation ability, not easy to aging and become brittle, bright and bright color.

4) Impact resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and dust resistance. Combined with a crystal lattice as a reflective material, it improves the effect of warning and isolation.