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What are the reasons for installing a garden mesh fence?


Garden Mesh Fencing can be installed by yourself, but t […]

Garden Mesh Fencing can be installed by yourself, but they are more durable than ordinary garden mesh, and you can find them at various price ranges. The cost of metal poles can range from thirty to eighty dollars, while wooden poles cost between four and fifteen dollars per foot. Before you decide on a mesh fence, consider how much you would like to spend on its installation.

Most garden mesh fencing is available in rolls of 20 to 50 feet long, and can be joined together by unscrewing the end wire and screwing it back in. Fence heights typically range from three to eight feet, but you can get almost any height you need. The mesh used in mesh fencing is nine to eleven-and-a-half wire gauges, but you can purchase any size that meets your requirements. Diamond-shaped mesh fencing is the most common and inexpensive option.

There are many reasons to install a mesh fence. Not only will it protect your garden from the elements but it will also discourage small animals from sampling your vegetables and fruits. Small animals can get through a garden fence, so you should use smaller mesh. Another way to keep animals out is to bury it underground. If you have a garden area that slants, it is best to keep the panels horizontal and angled. For this reason, you can fill the angled spaces under the panels with a gravel board or a low retaining wall.