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How can I buy the right size of fruit cage net?


Before you install the Fruit Cage netting, you should f […]

Before you install the Fruit Cage netting, you should first determine the size of your plot. Most fruit cage suppliers sell standard sizes but you can build your own custom size if you have an odd size plot. The size should be the same all around, to create an aesthetic look and a balance between the plants. Once you know the right size, you can begin planting your fruits. To protect your produce from predators, make sure you place the cage on the outside of your plot.

Fruit Cage Netting comes in various sizes and weights. One of the most common sizes is 10m, and a 10m-wide net will lose about half of its length once it is stretched to its maximum width. To determine the exact length you need, multiply the width of the cage by 1.5. Make sure to use sturdy, durable Fruit Cage Netting for your entire plot. It is easy to install and remove for the rest of the season.

There are several different varieties of fruit cage netting, with mesh sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to four inches. They protect your crops from even the smallest creatures. Choose from polypropylene mesh for the sides, or double-knit anti-bird netting for the top. Some even offer custom lengths for greater protection. Just make sure you choose a quality fruit cage and it will last for many years.